The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Lingerie for Your Body Type


A great piece of lingerie can be a game-changer regarding confidence and beauty. However, many women struggle to find a sexy, comfortable undergarment that flatters their figure.

Lingerie is usually categorized into four body shapes. They are hourglass (balanced bust and hips), apple, pear, and rectangle. Each body shape looks best in different lingerie pieces.


You’re likely an hourglass body type if your bust and hip measurements almost equal a petite waistline. Your curvy figure is beautiful, so we will show you how to flaunt it!

Necklines that highlight the curves of an hourglass figure are most flattering. Avoid wide or deep necklines that can unbalance your natural silhouette. Instead, opt for slightly rounded styles like an oval, deep oval, or v-neckline to show off your bust.

Sleeves should also enhance your natural curves. Opt for fitted sleeves that hug your shoulders. Avoid oversized or flowy sleeve styles that can overwhelm your frame. Instead, consider a set-in sleeve or sleeveless teddy that shows off your shoulders and arms while adding definition to your body shape.

A wrap dress is perfect for an hourglass body shape because it creates a flattering curve around your waist and hips. Pair your wrap dress with a high-waisted panty to generate length and bring attention to your waist. Check out for more lingerie products using the Adam & Eve promo code to get some discounts.

For your underwear, opt for a thong or full-coverage panty like a brief or hipster to balance your hips and waistline. If you have a small booty, choose a thong that’s more of a high-waisted fit to accentuate your curves and balance out the size of your hips with your waistline.


If you are an apple shape, you have a larger stomach and chest than hips and shoulders. This body type is often tricky to style in a way that flatters without looking boxy. It’s essential to create the illusion of a waist, highlight cleavage, and create nice vertical lines to look longer and lean.

For apple-shaped ladies, choosing a close-fitting top on the bust but not tight around the middle will create a more defined waistline. Choosing a full-cup bra that minimizes breast spillage, such as this Amour Non-Padded Bra, is ideal for apple-shaped women and will subtly lift your curves. Avoid strapless and padded bras, as these can over-emphasize your bust, making you appear top-heavy.

Choose a substantial fabric for an apple body shape for pants, shorts, and skirts. Thin fabrics, like fine jerseys, can cling to the middle and accentuate unwanted volume. Opting for a looser and broader fit, like this Asymmetrical Dress, will help to streamline your silhouette.

For your knickers, opt for a pair that isn’t too tight and will sit high on your waist to prevent them from rolling down under dresses or skirts. This Opulence Thong is a perfect choice for an apple body shape as it has a flattering V-shaped waistband and will elongate your legs.


If your shoulders, bust, and waist are of similar width, you are considered a rectangle body shape. Women with this shape usually have long, lean legs but may lack curves down the middle of their body.

To balance your figure, look for lingerie that cinches the waist and adds volume to the hips. This could include a peplum top or a bodysuit. For example, a low-cut v-neck neckline, like that of Kate Hudson, creates a cinched waist and adds a flattering shape to the hips.

Another way to add a curvy dimension is using a puffed or ruffled sleeve on a dress, as seen in Reese Witherspoon. The oversized sleeve of this purple dress rounds out Reese’s top half and helps create a softer silhouette.

A one-piece shapewear is a good option for rectangles as it will help to define the waistline. You can find these in various styles, including teddy bears and rompers. A teddy is a bralette-style top and bottom that connects into one piece, while a romper is a playsuit for the bedroom. The lace detailing of these items creates a romantic appeal and will look beautiful on a rectangle. Adding a skirt can also be helpful for rectangles, as it can accentuate the hips and create an hourglass shape.


The coveted J-Lo style curved hips of triangle-shaped beauties can be challenging to balance with a narrow chest and shoulders. Opt for lingerie that draws attention upwards, like a teddy, lacey babydoll, or brassiere, with a push-up bra to accentuate your curves. V-necklines, wrap dresses, and sexy corsets all do the trick. Wearing a slender belt helps to emphasize your waist, too.

For this body shape, you can also draw attention to your long limbs with a garter belt or cheeky thong underwear. Play up your sculpted figure with a teddy, lacey, or sheer slip in a fun print or color to enhance your silhouette. Avoid sleeveless or short-sleeved shirts for the top, and opt for a fitted look that hugs your torso and arms.

The most important thing to remember is that no one’s right body shape exists. Each of us has our unique curves, and that is what makes each of us unique. With some practice, you can find the lingerie that flatters your figure to help boost your confidence and make you feel beautiful and sexy! Just remember to shop for the fabric that feels great and doesn’t irritate your skin. Spandex provides elasticity and support, while modal fabric offers unmatched softness and smoothness. Invest in quality over quantity, and you’ll be sure to love your new lingerie wardrobe for years to come.


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