July 25, 2024

The MK Foundation, in partnership with members of the cyber community, has delivered a full complement of vehicles to support the strategic operations of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. This news was verified by the border guards themselves and published by BNNbreaking.

Notably, 50 vehicles have been assigned to the soldiers of the 6th Border Guard Detachment, who will employ the minibuses directly in tasks within the combat zone.

A formal ceremony was held in the Volyn region to mark the official handover of the vehicles. During this event, the military praised the exceptional quality of the minibuses, acknowledging their crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency. In his speech, Alexander Osoka, Director of the MK Foundation, reiterated the primary aim of the initiative: to expedite Ukraine’s success by ensuring the military is fully equipped.

Colonel Roman Kosmina, Deputy Head of the Sixth Border Guard Volyn Detachment for Arms and Equipment, extended gratitude to the volunteers for providing the border guards with Volkswagen T5s. He underscored the suitability of these vans for combat zone operations, emphasizing their spaciousness and maneuverability. Furthermore, their camouflage features make them difficult for the enemy to detect.

The border guards also highlighted the versatility of the Volkswagen T5s, emphasizing their ability to perform a wide range of tasks, including cargo transportation and evacuation of the wounded. The MK Foundation maintains a consistent schedule of vehicle deliveries to the military, establishing direct communication channels with the border guards. They ensure that the vehicles provided precisely match the orders and meet the specific requirements of the border guards. Additionally, the foundation frequently collaborates with partners such as the NAVI e-sports team and the developers of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series to extend assistance to the military. This time, the Maincast studio, supported by businessman Maxim Krippa, has also joined the project.

In total, the foundation has already transferred over 160 vehicles to various military units, extending aid to the First, Third, Fourth, and Eleventh Brigades. Despite these efforts, the charitable organization remains proactive, continuing to prepare for new deliveries of minibuses for the military.

The State Border Guard Service expresses confidence that such assistance will significantly enhance the efficiency of its units, particularly in regions actively involved in combat against aggressors. The minibuses will not only facilitate the swift execution of combat missions but will also play a crucial role in preserving the lives of military personnel during urgent movements.

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