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MFMA’s goal is to be the most trusted source of information about maple sports flooring and other sports flooring systems all over the world. MFMA does this by improving quality and performance, coming up with best practises for installation, educating people, and promoting the use of quality maple and sports flooring products. The MFMA, which has been around since 1897, is the only reliable source of technical information on hard maple flooring. The association puts out grade standards, guide specifications, floor care suggestions, and specifications for sealers and finishes for athletic flooring. These can be picked up at the MFMA headquarters or downloaded from the MFMA website. When architects, contractors, school officials, and maintenance workers have questions about how to choose, use, and take care of MFMA maple flooring, they often look to the MFMA.


When it comes to sports surfaces, Connor Sports is the market leader. They have designed more sports surface systems than any other company. They specialise in maple hardwood courts, vinyl and poured urethane sports surfaces, vulcanised rubber track surfaces, and recycled rubber sports surfaces. Since 1872, the professional engineers at Connor Sports have led the industry in designing and making new products, setting the standard for new ways to make sports surfaces. Our clients show us how good a leader we are. They have made basketball courts out of maple hardwood for 14 NBA teams and a huge number of NCAA universities.

Connor Sports has a wide range of both portable and permanent hardwood sports floors to meet a wide range of performance needs and budgets.

Creative Sports Solutions is the only company in Atlantic Canada that sells Connor Sports Floors.


As the oldest maker of hard wood maple basketball flooring and a founding member of the MFMA, Horner Sports Flooring has earned a reputation for excellence by making the best hardwood basketball floors, synthetic sports floors, and portable basketball floors in the world.

Their maple hardwood basketball floors have shown unmatched performance. This has led to the NCAA, NBA, Pan-American Games, Olympics, schools, YMCAs, and athletic centres around the world using Horner permanent sports flooring and portable wood basketball floors.

Horner thinks that the goal of sustainable design is to “eliminate all negative effects on the environment through careful design.” For us, this means choosing a sports maple design that uses the fewest trees possible while making the most of the maple tree resource for the best results for both the design professional and the owner.

Horner Sports Flooring also has a wide range of options for both Fixed and Floating constructions.

Creative Sports Solutions is proud to be the Ontario representative for Horner Hardwood Sports Floors.


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