Best Online Casino Games


Each game has its own merits, and suits different people differently. Consequently, just exactly what is “best” is often dependent on what each player desires out of the experience of playing such casino games.

Nevertheless, there are some generalities which we can explore, and identify. So, for the remainder of this article, I will focus on some of the most popular list of best online casinos games, and try to describe – in general terms – what I think makes them “best” – or, perhaps, not so best.


My Mom loved Roulette!, but I always fondly remember her sitting at the Roulette table at the Mirage in Las Vegas in the 1990’s, thoroughly enjoying herself at this game. So, for my Mom, Roulette was  most definitely the best casino game. And so it is for most Europeans. Less so for Americans.

European Roulette is traditionally played with only one “0” zero, the “house number” mostly marked on the layout and wheel in Green. This gives the game a mere 2.7% house edge, and, therefore, makes this version of the game the “best.”

The American version of the game has two “house numbers” – the single “0” zero, and the double “00” zero, also usually marked in Green. This gives this game a house edge of 5.27% and, therefore, this is not as “best” as the game can be. And then there are also some other games which add a third house number, the triple “000” zero, and this game then sports a hefty 7.69% house edge. So that makes this game very much “not best.”


By far the world’s most popular online casino table game, Blackjack – or 21 – is outwardly a simple game, but one which belies an underlying complexity. How “best” this game is, very much depends on the casino where you are playing it, and on the rules which that casino applies to it. There are many variations of such rules, and most make the game “less best” than it can – optimally – actually be.

For example: In recent times, many casinos have begun to pay the Natural 21 – known as Blackjack – at rates of 6:5 instead of the traditional 3:2. Sadly, most people don’t know what this means, or don’t pay attention to it, and, therefore, they are giving up an extra 1.39% house edge, and consequently are losing money even when they win! 

Slots – Pokies – Fruit Machines

These are the coin in the slot machines, which are known by many names worldwide. These days, of course, they are almost always “credits” instead of “coins.” But the concept and principle is the same. But what makes a “best” slot machine? Well, that depends.

Do you want to spend little, and last long? Then choose the Low Volatility games. These are those that hit some kind of a “pay” almost every spin – but don’t hit big wins very often. And you “pays” are so in name only, because they are usually very much lower than the cost of that wager and that spin.

Do you have a bigger budget and like a bigger win, with a bigger risk? Then choose the Medium Volatility games. These don’t pay as often, but when they do, they usually pay equal to or more than that base wager it cost you for that spin. And these games also often hit decent medium jackpots – more like the “look what I won!” kind.

Finally, if you like a lot of risk, and you have a big bankroll to back it up, then choose the High Volatility games. These don’t pay very often at all, but when they do hit, these wins are usually quite high, and significant. These are the kind of “life-changing” hits that even some very lucky casual gamblers can also often hit.


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