July 24, 2024

PrettyLittleThing’s (PLT) latest collection boasts the designs of Naomi Campbell in collaboration with Victor Anate and Edvin Thompson. The young designers joined the supermodel icon to add some contemporary flair to her timeless style. From whimsical to daring, the collection will make its first appearance on the runways at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) on September 5.

Campbell’s latest efforts at NYFW will feature 15 looks in multiple colorways. The Head of Design at PLT said that, “this collaboration with Naomi Campbell is a monumental moment for PrettyLittleThing. We are not just launching a new collection; we are making history with the most significant collaboration we’ve ever undertaken.” It’s a process that will undoubtedly pave the way for even more exciting cross-efforts both at PLT and within the industry.

Anate’s company, Vicnate, and Thompson’s label, Theophilio, have both managed to make major waves in a short period of time. Campbell has built her platform, in part, to showcase up-and-comers in her industry. “This collaboration is an extension of my commitment to create and promote opportunities for young, emerging designers. Within my collection, it was important to recognize and include some of the amazing talent that’s out there.” She looked to both Anate and Thompson to add their own spin on the outerwear, dresses, jumpsuits, and cocktail dresses. This new venture aims for high-fashion concepts with budget-friendly price tags. So while the collection may be exclusive, it is not designed with a specific type of buyer in mind.

Anate is a Nigerian artist, one whose signature style is simple yet refined, made for customers who want to bring a youthful kick to their wardrobe. His collection in 2022, An Ode to Severe Chic No 2, was as stunning as it was evocative. He was the perfect choice for the cut-out bodycon dress that steals the show. This style is one that doesn’t provide very much contouring for the wearer, instead allowing them to express their body shape as it is. His collection

Thompson is Jamaican-born but moved to Brooklyn at nine years old. His work combines the dancehall styles of Kingston with the never-ending urban buzz in New York City. He established his own label in 2016, having discovered his passion in his freshman year of high school. You can see his heritage reflected in everything from the colors to the silhouettes of his pieces. In 2021, he won the American Emerging Designer of the Year from CFDA for his innovations. His vibrancy was perfect for the off-white satin dress in PLT’s collection.

Standouts from the collection include the mini dresses and catsuits that are as daring as they are fun. Plunging necklines and short hemlines call back some of the signature styles of Naomi’s day, particularly the Versace minis that were so popular in the 1990s. Campbell’s new modern take is both size-inclusive and affordable, which she felt was essential for her forward-thinking global brand. PLT’s success has been particularly notable in the UK, Australia, and France, though it’s clear that her international draw extends to every corner of the world.

By inviting these new designers to the table, PLT establishes itself on the frontline of fashion. Instead of waiting for trends to drop, Naomi Campbell is embracing her role as a changemaker. The latest collection brings bursts of unexpected playfulness at every turn. Velvet-embellished cocktail dresses, oversized jackets, and body-conscious wear are just the beginning. Sequins, faux leather, and crystals adorn the collection, giving the wearer a little more pop at every angle. The collection is further accessorized with the items from the main PLT collection, giving customers new ideas on how to mix and match the old with the new.

Naomi Campbell has long been in the public spotlight, making her first appearance in a music video when she was eight years old. Since then, she’s managed to catapult up the ladder for more than just her beauty. With her enduring confidence and grace, she was one of a few key people to change the public’s perception of the modeling profession.

Her career is highlighted, along with peers Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington, in a new docuseries from Apple TV+. Debuting in September, the show highlights what it was really like to live in the early days of the phenomenon. Along the course of the series, the creators go behind the scenes in the early days of supermodel history, long before words like influencer had their place in everyday conversation. These women were on the brink of a cultural shift that they helped shape into reality, throwing new light on how models are so much more than just a pretty face. At the top of their careers, these four women commanded the public’s interest. They changed how the media, designers, brands, and fashionistas related to their closets.

Campbell has had a long and storied career, one that was driven by an ethos of empowering people to believe in themselves. While she’s largely known as staying out of the spotlight when it comes to her personal life, she speaks up when the cause is important enough to her. Having recently welcomed her son after the arrival of her daughter in 2021, the 53-year-old mom has encouraged everyone to step outside societal boundaries and go after their dreams — regardless of how old they are. She has also used her platform to address her international fanbase about the importance of maternal health, among other causes, and to raise public consciousness about the reality of motherhood.

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