June 23, 2024


Ichaichai suru to Okane ga Waichau Futari no Hanashi originally known as “Anna Koto ya Sonna Koto wo shite Okane wo Kasegu Danjo” (あんなことやそんなことをしてお金を稼ぐ男女), is a web manga that has captured the attention of readers with its unique premise and engaging storytelling. This work, released on the author’s Twitter and pixiv accounts, managed to create a buzz from March 3, 2019, to December 16, 2021. Published in print by Kadokawa, it explores the intriguing journey of a couple who find a way to monetize their intimate moments.


Ichaichai suru to Okane ga Waichau Futari no Hanashi” takes an unconventional approach to storytelling by focusing on a couple who venture into an unconventional money-making endeavor. The original Japanese title, “Anna Koto ya Sonna Koto wo shite Okane wo Kasegu Danjo,” hints at the unique concept explored within the pages of this manga.

Plot and Premise

The manga revolves around a couple who find themselves in need of financial support or simply enjoy earning money through a rather unusual avenue—engaging in intimate moments together. This premise sets the stage for a story that combines elements of romance, humor, and financial intrigue. As they navigate this uncharted territory, the characters confront the challenges and unexpected consequences of their unconventional pursuit.

Web Manga Sensation

“Ichaichai suru to Okane ga Waichau Futari no Hanashi” gained significant attention as a web manga, released through the author’s Twitter and pixiv accounts. The episodic nature of its release allowed readers to follow the unfolding narrative and become invested in the characters’ journey. This format also contributed to the manga’s popularity and its ability to generate discussions among readers.

Print Publication and Kadokawa’s Role

The success of the web manga led to its publication in print by Kadokawa, a renowned publisher in the manga industry. This transition from the online platform to a physical format showcased the manga’s appeal and demonstrated its ability to captivate a wider audience. Kadokawa’s involvement further solidified the story’s legitimacy and contributed to its growing popularity.


“Ichaichai suru to Okane ga Waichau Futari no Hanashi” presents a unique and thought-provoking exploration of relationships, intimacy, and financial dynamics. Through its unconventional premise and engaging storytelling, it has managed to capture the attention of readers and generate discussions within the manga community. The transition from web manga to print publication by Kadokawa underscores its significance and showcases its ability to resonate with a diverse audience. As readers continue to engage with this manga, its legacy as an innovative and daring narrative in the world of manga is sure to endure.

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