How to Start Winning in Online Casinos


Online casinos provide a convenient way for people to gamble and potentially win money from the comfort of their own homes. However, getting started with online gambling can seem intimidating for beginners. This article provides tips for how to start winning when playing the Betibet casino online games.

Choose Reputable Online Casinos

The first step is finding a trustworthy online casino to play at. Only gamble money at licensed sites that have fair games and pay out winnings reliably. Warning signs of unsafe casinos include.

  • No licensing information was provided.
  • Vague about ownership and operations.
  • Poor or no reviews online.

Stick to well-known sites recommended on gambling portals. Check for eCOGRA seals and read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up.

Understand the Games Thoroughly

Taking time to learn game rules in-depth gives you better odds than playing games you don’t fully grasp. Study:

Table Games

  • Blackjack – Understand soft vs hard hands and basic strategy.
  • Roulette – Know inside vs outside bets and payout differences.
  • Craps – Learn pass/don’t pass bets and odds behind rolls.


  • Payline configurations and bonus features.
  • Volatility – High variance has bigger but less frequent wins.
  • RTP percentages – Games with over 96% give the best payouts.


  • Hand rankings and which hands to play.
  • Position importance – Act last with a late position.
  • Pot odds – Calculate outs to determine call/fold.

Properly Fund Your Account

Most experts recommend having at least 100 big blinds before playing real money games. Appropriate bankroll sizes for popular games:

Game Minimum Bankroll
Texas Hold’em $1,500
Blackjack $3,000
Roulette $6,000

Only risk 1-5% of your bankroll per session. Stop playing if 50% of your bankroll is lost in one day, and take a break. Proper bankroll management is key to gambling longevity.

Use Bonuses Wisely

Online casinos offer bonuses like deposit matches, free spins, etc. But read the fine print before claiming bonuses. Watch for:

  • High wagering requirements – Only contribute 10-20% per bet.
  • Game restrictions – Bonus funds work on slots only.
  • Strict time limits – Give only a few days to meet the playthrough.

Choose reasonable bonuses that work across your preferred games. Seek out no-max cashout deals. Hit the wagering target, then cash out the maximum bonus amount allowed once the playthrough is met.

Practice New Games for Free

Reputable online casinos  like Thereviewscasino offer demo modes on all games. Practice blackjack, poker, and other games risk-free to:

  • Test strategies without financial loss.
  • Get familiar with features and buttons.
  • Determine volatility and payout frequencies.

Once confident, make the switch to real money play. But drop back to free games if on a losing streak to halt losses and refine tactics.

Play at Low Stakes First

Minimize losses as a beginner with low-stakes gambling using:

Table Game Limits

  • Blackjack – $5-10 hands.
  • Roulette – $1 chips on outside bets.
  • Craps – Minimum pass/come bets.

Slots Bet Sizing

  • Penny slots – $0.01, $0.02 credits.
  • Low variance – Small but frequent payouts.

Bet the table minimums or lowest denominations available as you learn. Only increase bets gradually as your skill improves.

Use Proper Casino Etiquette

Playing by the rules makes for a more enjoyable gaming environment for everyone:

  • Respect other players – No criticism of play.
  • Tip dealers appropriately – If big wins, tip big.
  • Handle disputes calmly – Notify the pit boss if needed.
  • Avoid tipsiness – Casinos cut off drunk players.

The following etiquette also keeps you in good standing with the casino. This can pay off down the road with comps, gifts, and other loyalty perks.

Take Advantage of Comps

Online and land-based casinos offer comps (free gifts) to reward loyal customers. After signing up, ask the casino host what comps they offer players at your level. Common deals include:

  • Free slot play – $20 free wagers.
  • Matched deposits – Casino adds 100% of the deposit amount.
  • Cash rebates – 10% weekly rebate on losses.
  • Prize giveaways – Drawings for vacations, cars, or cash.

Redeem these perks to increase your overall chances of gambling success. Comps let you play longer for free and offset losses.

Use Proper Money Management

Failing to plan your gambling bankroll and have rules in place leads to overspending:

Budget Funds

  • Define bankroll.
  • Separate gambling funds from living expenses.

Loss Limits

  • Set loss limits per session/week/month.
  • Walk away when hit.

Win Goals

  • Define a winning target amount.
  • Bank partial winnings once hit.

Stick to these monetary guidelines, even during winning streaks. Discipline is vital to long-term profitability.

Take a Long-Term View

Even using great gambling strategies, you’ll have some losing days. But by making smart bets and leveraging comps, profits emerge over time.

It’s important for beginners to:

  • View results weekly vs daily.
  • Analyze data monthly to spot trends.
  • Tweak your approach and stay patient.

Wins won’t happen overnight. But players making high-percentage plays ultimately earn nice returns on their bankrolls.

Bottom Line

The tips above give newcomers the best shot at getting started and winning in online casinos. Finding trustworthy gaming sites, studying rules thoroughly, managing bankrolls properly, and redeeming casino comps will put beginners on the right path.

Gambling always carries a risk of financial losses. New players should set and stick to affordable loss limits before playing real money games. But those making disciplined, high-percentage bets can start winning regularly over time at online casinos using this advice.


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