The True Abbreviation of “Hankotrade” Broker


Are you thinking of making Hankotrade your new trading broker? Uncertain about its true potential? Fear not, as the answers are concealed in the broker’s name “Hankotrade.”

This review aims to uncover the meaning behind the abbreviation “Hankotrade” and provide insights into whether this platform is worth your consideration.

So, buckle up as we embark on a journey to unravel the unique qualities that make Hankotrade stand out in the trading world. Let’s explore whether Hankotrade is the right fit for your trading aspirations.

H: Help in Assistance – Unveiling Hankotrade’s Supportive Services

At Hankotrade, helping traders is the top priority. If you’re facing any issues, whether setting up your account or dealing with changing spreads, don’t worry. You can reach out to them anytime. 

Hankotrade makes sure they are easy to talk to. You can connect through live chat or email or use the contact options on their “Contact Us” page. They want to be there for you, making it simple for traders to get help quickly. It shows how Hankotrade is committed to being supportive and responsive, creating a friendly space for all traders.

A: Array of Accounts – Exploring Hankotrade’s Diverse Options

The second letter of Hankotrade represents the diverse account options it offers its users. Traders can choose from an array of accounts that best fit their trading goals and budget. Traders can choose from three accounts, each having different features.

  • STP Account 

  • A $10 deposit is required for account opening.
  • Zero commission 
  • Negative balance protection
  • 1:500 max leverage 
  • Tight spreads 0.7 pips 
  • ECN Account 

  • A $100 deposit requirement for account opening.
  • $2 commission 
  • Negative balance protection
  • 1:500 max leverage 
  • Tight spreads 0.0 pips 
  • ECN Plus Account 

  • A $1000 deposit requirement for account opening.
  • $1 commission 
  • Negative balance protection
  • 1:500 max leverage 
  • Tight spreads 0.0 pips 

N: Navigating Safely 

ActTrader: Advanced Trading Platform for Better Trading 

Hanko ActTrader Web Trader is a popular trading platform known for its strong features, speed, and flexibility, making it a go-to choice for professional traders and institutions. The following points highlight some of the top features of Hanko ActTrader Platform:

  1. It offers customization and dedicated support tailored to different trading styles.
  2. Hanko ActTrader Web Trader allows users to create their preferred trading setup by combining elements like charts, market data, risk reports, and alerts in customizable layouts.
  3. The platform also lets users save different layouts for specific trading strategies, enhancing personalization.
  4. Moreover, it provides visual analytics tools with various timeframes and indicators for market analysis and backtesting.
  5. Besides this, features like pre-built order templates and accurate profit/loss estimates facilitate efficient trading decision-making.
  6.  Real-time monitoring of margin usage, exposure, and position summaries, along with customizable alerts, helps users manage risks effectively.
  7. The Hanko ActTrader Web Trader also provides a broader range of analytical tools and timeframes, enabling traders to explore market opportunities more comprehensively. It’s like having enhanced navigation tools compared to a basic map.

Hanko ActTrader Web Application for Android and iOS: Trade Smarter, Not Slower

Hanko ActTrader Web Application empowers you to trade directly from your mobile browser, offering the same powerful functionality as a desktop app.

Top 4 Reasons Why Hanko ActTrader Web Application Is Perfect for Mobile Traders

1. Lightweight and Responsive

With advanced and responsive web design, you no longer need to download a separate app that can slow down your device. Hanko ActTrader Web is designed to be super responsive and adapts to your screen size for a smooth trading experience.

2. Instant Access, Anywhere

 The best part about the web platform is that you can access it from anywhere, anytime with just a web browser.

3. Simple Setup, Powerful Features

Skip the app and play stores entirely!

 Simply access Hanko ActTrader Web through your mobile browser and enjoy the same advanced tools and features you’d expect from a desktop app.

4. One-Click Convenience

Turn Hanko ActTrader Web into a permanent fixture on your home screen with a single tap. Enjoy instant access to your trading world whenever opportunity strikes.

Take a look at this step-by-step video on how to make a permanent room for Hanko Web Trader on your mobile devices:


Hankotrade’s Shield with Negative Balance Protection

A negative balance protection feature is like a live savior and a must-have in any brokerage platform.

Fortunately, Hankotrade ensures this feature is available in all its account types. If the market becomes uncertain or unpredictable, traders can rest assured that they’ll be protected from potential financial disasters. 

K: Knowledge Hub – Hankotrade’s Wealth of Educational Resources

While Hankotrade’s learning resources may be somewhat limited, they are incredibly useful for users who take advantage of them. The content-rich website features a dedicated FAQ page where traders can find answers to nearly every query. 

Additionally, Hankotrade goes the extra mile in educating traders through its Instagram content. 

Despite the limited resources, the platform ensures that the available content is practical and beneficial for users seeking to enhance their trading knowledge. 

O: Opportunities Abound – Hankotrade’s Diverse Asset Landscape

Hankotrade is a platform for opportunities. With more asset options available, the earning potential goes sky-high. All you need to do is find the perfect earning opportunity in these diverse assets, or you can invest in all of them. 

Diversifying a portfolio by investing in multiple assets can also help mitigate the financial risk of investing in only one asset class. These assets include:

  1. Forex trading with 62 currency pairs
  2. CFD indices provide trading opportunities in 11 international stock indices
  3. Commodities offering precious metals and oils 
  4. Cryptocurrencies with top currency pairs to trade

T: Transparent Transactions – Navigating Hankotrade’s Clear Path

Hankotrade offers a straightforward withdrawal process, primarily conducted through cryptocurrency. When traders request a withdrawal, the desired amount is swiftly transferred into their digital wallets in cryptocurrency. The efficiency of this process is noteworthy, as it typically takes up to 24 business hours. 

Moreover, Hankotrade has a zero withdrawal fees policy, so traders can take everything away without paying extra for transactions. However, the zero withdrawal fee is conditional: minimum withdrawal must be more than $50.  

Proof of Hankotrade Withdrawas l- Screenshots of Withdrawal Email Updates

R: Real Insights – Uncovering Hankotrade’s User Experiences

Hankotrade has excelled in every department, but such claims remain baseless without concrete evidence. The proof of their excellence lies in the positive reviews scattered across the internet, a testament to their exceptional performance. 

Don’t just take our word for it; explore the reviews yourself below:

Hankotrade Reviews on Slashdot

Hankotrade Reviews on SiteJabber 

Hankotrade Reviews on FX-List

Hankotrade Reviews on Forbino

Hankotrade Reviews on BrokerXplorer

A: Amazing Hankotrade Tools at Your Fingertips

An amazing set of tools at Hankotrade makes it easy for traders to do the necessary math before initiating a trade. Several tools are available for traders, from useful forex calculators and E-Calendars to virtual private servers. 

  • Forex Calculators

Forex calculators are invaluable for traders, offering quick and precise calculations for essential parameters like position size, pip value, and risk management. 

  • E-Calendar

Economic calendars are essential for traders, providing real-time updates on key economic events, reports, and indicators.

  • Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer traders a dedicated and secure virtual space, ensuring consistent and reliable access to trading platforms. This allows for uninterrupted trading, reduced latency, and enhanced overall performance. 

D: Diversity for Every Faith – Embracing Inclusivity with Hankotrade

Hankotrade doesn’t just talk about diversity; it actively embraces it. Hankotrade has introduced an Islamic account specifically tailored for Muslim traders for a practical demonstration of inclusivity.

This unique account allows them to trade on a swap-free model, aligning with Islamic principles. 

E: Enormous Rewards – Dive into Hankotrade’s Bonus Bonanza

The last thing that completes Hankotrade’s spelling is enormous bonuses and rewards. Traders can claim these rewards and bonuses through the 100% bonus promotional offer and by introducing broker programs.  

  • 100% Deposit Bonus

To get rewarded through this promotional offer, traders must deposit a minimum of $100 as the first deposit. After the condition is met, traders will receive the same amount as a bonus

  • Introducing Broker Program

Introducing a broker program rewards up to 40% commission on inviting new traders to Hankotrade’s platform. 

In a Verdict…

Unlocking the true essence of Hankotrade’s name reveals more than just a brand—it’s a comprehensive representation of its core features and offerings. Each letter embodies a platform facet, showcasing a commitment to excellence. 

We hope this detailed and unique review of Hankotrade broker will help you decide whether you should consider Hankotrade as your trading partner. 

Good luck!


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