Breaking Down Myths: The Facts About the Penuma Male Enhancement Implant


Finally — there’s a Food and Drug Administration-cleared solution for male sexual insecurity. The Penuma male enhancement implant was designed by Dr. James Elist, a leading urologist with over four decades of experience in male sexual health. It’s the first FDA-cleared penile implant on the market that’s used for correcting aesthetic deformities, such as curvature or scarring caused by diseases, or for minimizing the impact of erectile dysfunction. And there’s even better news: Patients seeking an implant can now benefit from the next generation of Penuma, called Himplant.

Throughout his career, Elist witnessed firsthand the toll that sexual health issues caused on his patients’ mental well-being. These issues weren’t limited to men who suffered from retractile penis, curvature, or other conditions, but also those that perceived their penises to be inadequate. Dr. James Elist realized that in some cases, therapy wasn’t an option and the only way to improve the lives of his patients was to address the root cause by enlarging and enhancing the penis.

However, the lack of effective solutions on the market was a real impediment. According to Elist, the solutions back in the ’80s and ’90s were not only ineffective, but in some cases, medically dangerous — even lethal. A common method was the injection of fat to increase girth. This method proved to be effective in some cases but could also be potentially fatal.

“I learned that this can be very dangerous if done incorrectly,” recalls Elist.

Even if the procedure was successful, the fat’s water solubility became an issue. Once the body absorbs the water in the fat, it can cause the injected fat to harden and could create deformities. Other doctors tried to use gels or even acid but they were also unable to provide a long-lasting solution.

Elist realized that he needed a long-lasting solution because his patients deserved better. He came up with the idea of using medical-grade silicone, the type that’s often used for breast implants, and inserting it under the skin of the penile shaft.

He designed the shape of the implant, carried out multiple clinical studies, and ultimately secured an FDA clearance.

What Can Patients Expect With Penuma?

Since its early days, Dr. James Elist says Penuma has successfully been implanted in almost 5,000 patients. These surgeries have been performed by an ever-growing list of trained urologists and cosmetic surgeons across the U.S., Latin America, and now expanding into the Middle East.

It’s vital to note that the Penuma implant is not available for everyone. The eligibility of the patient is evaluated through a series of initial consultations. These initial consultations are necessary to know whether the implant is actually needed and to provide the patient with all the information so that they can make an informed choice. These consultations are also necessary for the surgeon to determine the implant size, including  L, XL, or XXL.

Shared one patient named Joe Y., “I researched this procedure for over two years. During that time I exchanged dozens of emails that were promptly returned. I was comfortable with the procedure, preop, and postop. I am very pleased with the result of my procedure. Wish I had done it sooner.”

The entire process can take several months, from initial consultation to recovery.

The Penuma Procedure

The procedure typically lasts only 45 to 60 minutes. However, Elist is very conscious not to classify it as a minor surgery. Given its sensitive nature, he emphasizes extreme care and precision.

“This surgery is not minor. This surgery is very, very delicate and we have to know exactly what to do,” he says.

This is why he notes that no surgeon is minor and no surgery is minor because, for the patient, even the removal of a small mole is a big deal.

In addition to his commitment to care and precision, Dr. James Elist is committed to continuously improving his product and technique. As a result, he’s introduced Himplant, the evolved successor to the Penuma. These advancements have been possible because Elist has teamed up with other top-notch urologists who have brought new ideas, paving a path for these improvements.

With the introduction of Himplant, the procedure has slightly changed but overall remains the same. The place of the incision is different with the medical-grade silicon now inserted through an incision made under the scrotum. This allows for improved healing while lowering the chance of an infection. It also doesn’t typically leave a visible scar.

“There is no way you’d find out if the patient had the surgery. I see the patients right now and I wonder, ‘Where was the incision?’ Even I don’t see it,” Elist shared.

The Recovery and Results

After the procedure, patients are free to go about their day. They may experience some pain and discomfort at first, but that decreases over time. However, for the surgery to be a success, it is essential that patients carefully follow the recovery guidelines and follow up on their postop recovery checkups. Most importantly, patients aren’t allowed to engage in any sexual activity during the recovery period, which usually lasts for a few months, to ensure that the implant settles in nicely. Not following the instructions increases the chances of complications.

Once healed, the feel and texture of the implant ensure that the penis looks natural. Patients notice the improvement in girth soon after the surgery. In some cases, some patients have also seen an increase in penis length.

Dr. James Elist has an ever-growing list of satisfied patients — and this list also includes their partners. For Elist, improving the lives of people is nothing short of a divinely inspired mission, and he’s thankful for all the success he has had in this.

“When people come back and they say, ‘My wife is very happy, now our relationship is much better,’ that is very important for me, as a spiritual and religious person,” he shares.


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