July 22, 2024

Ari Aster’s “Midsommar” stands out in the horror genre for its unsettling blend of daylight terror and psychological horror set against a backdrop of seemingly serene Scandinavian landscapes. If you were captivated by the unique atmosphere, the slow-building dread, and the intricate exploration of human relationships and cult dynamics, you’ll likely enjoy these similarly evocative films. Here are some movies that capture the essence of “Midsommar” in various ways:

1. The Wicker Man (1973)

Director: Robin Hardy

Often cited as a major influence on “Midsommar,” “The Wicker Man” is a classic folk horror film that follows a police sergeant investigating the disappearance of a young girl on a remote Scottish island. The islanders’ pagan practices and the film’s eerie, sunlit setting create a haunting atmosphere. The blend of folk traditions and sinister undertones make this a must-watch for fans of “Midsommar.”

2. Hereditary (2018)

Director: Ari Aster

Before “Midsommar,” Ari Aster introduced audiences to his unique brand of horror with “Hereditary.” This film delves into family trauma and the supernatural with an intense and disturbing narrative. Although its setting is more traditionally dark and claustrophobic, the psychological horror and complex character dynamics resonate similarly to “Midsommar.”

3. The Witch (2015)

Director: Robert Eggers

Set in 1630s New England, “The Witch” explores the disintegration of a family living in isolation near a mysterious forest. The film’s slow pacing, historical accuracy, and mounting tension contribute to a sense of dread reminiscent of “Midsommar.” Its exploration of religious fanaticism and hysteria parallels the cultish elements in Aster’s film.

4. The Ritual (2017)

Director: David Bruckner

When a group of friends embarks on a hiking trip in the Scandinavian wilderness to honor a deceased friend, they encounter an ancient evil lurking in the woods. “The Ritual” combines elements of psychological and folk horror with a chilling atmosphere, echoing the forest and pagan motifs seen in “Midsommar.”

5. Apostle (2018)

Director: Gareth Evans

Set in 1905, “Apostle” follows a man who infiltrates a remote island community to rescue his kidnapped sister. The community’s dark secrets and brutal rituals are revealed in a manner that evokes the slow-burn horror of “Midsommar.” The film’s period setting and exploration of cult dynamics make it a compelling watch.

6. The Village (2004)

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

“The Village” presents a secluded community living in fear of mysterious creatures lurking in the surrounding woods. The film’s exploration of isolation, communal secrets, and psychological manipulation draws parallels to “Midsommar,” though with Shyamalan’s signature twist.

7. Suspiria (2018)

Director: Luca Guadagnino

A reimagining of Dario Argento’s classic, “Suspiria” is set in a Berlin dance academy that harbors dark supernatural secrets. The film’s intricate narrative, unsettling atmosphere, and ritualistic elements create a sense of dread akin to “Midsommar.” Its visual and thematic richness make it a gripping psychological horror experience.

8. The Other Lamb (2019)

Director: Małgorzata Szumowska

This film follows a young girl born into an all-female cult led by a single man. As she grows older, she begins to question the cult’s beliefs and practices. “The Other Lamb” shares “Midsommar’s” focus on female perspective and the psychological impact of cult indoctrination, set against a starkly beautiful natural backdrop.


Each of these films brings a unique flavor to the horror genre, whether through folk traditions, psychological tension, or the eerie beauty of their settings. Like “Midsommar,” they challenge the conventional boundaries of horror, offering narratives that are as thought-provoking as they are terrifying. If “Midsommar” left you yearning for more daylight horror and complex, unsettling stories, these films should be next on your watchlist.

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