July 22, 2024

Glen Powell has steadily carved out a niche for himself in Hollywood, demonstrating versatility and charm across a variety of genres. From his early beginnings to his breakout roles, Powell’s filmography is a testament to his talent and adaptability. This article explores some of the most significant movies in Glen Powell’s career, showcasing his evolution as an actor and his contributions to the film industry.

Early Career and Breakthrough

Glen Powell began his acting career with minor roles in television series and films. His early work includes appearances in movies like “The Great Debaters” (2007) and “The Expendables 3” (2014), where he played smaller roles that allowed him to gain experience and visibility in the industry. These initial steps laid the foundation for his future success.

Hidden Figures (2016)

Powell’s breakout role came in the critically acclaimed film “Hidden Figures” (2016). In this historical drama, Powell played astronaut John Glenn, one of the key figures in NASA’s space program. The movie tells the inspiring story of three African-American women mathematicians who played crucial roles in the early days of NASA. Powell’s portrayal of John Glenn was both charismatic and endearing, earning him recognition and praise from critics and audiences alike.

Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)

The same year, Powell starred in Richard Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some!!” (2016), a spiritual sequel to the cult classic “Dazed and Confused”. This comedy follows a group of college baseball players in the 1980s, capturing their adventures and camaraderie. Powell’s role as Finnegan, a confident and laid-back athlete, showcased his comedic timing and ability to embody a free-spirited character. The film further cemented Powell’s status as a rising star in Hollywood.

Set It Up (2018)

In 2018, Powell starred alongside Zoey Deutch in the romantic comedy “Set It Up”. This Netflix original film follows two overworked assistants who scheme to set up their demanding bosses in hopes of getting some free time. Powell’s performance as Charlie, one of the assistants, was praised for its charm and chemistry with Deutch. “Set It Up” was well-received by audiences and critics, highlighting Powell’s potential as a leading man in romantic comedies.

Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

One of Powell’s most high-profile roles came in the long-awaited sequel “Top Gun: Maverick” (2022). In this action-packed film, Powell played Lieutenant Jake “Hangman” Seresin, a skilled and confident pilot. The movie, starring Tom Cruise, received widespread acclaim for its thrilling aerial sequences and strong performances. Powell’s role as Hangman added a new dimension to his career, proving his ability to hold his own in a blockbuster alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Devotion (2022)

In “Devotion” (2022), Powell took on the role of Lieutenant Tom Hudner in this war drama based on true events. The film tells the story of the friendship between Hudner and Ensign Jesse Brown, the first African-American aviator in the U.S. Navy. Powell’s performance was lauded for its depth and emotional resonance, showcasing his range as an actor capable of tackling serious and historical subject matter.


Glen Powell’s filmography reflects a dynamic and evolving career, marked by standout performances across various genres. From historical dramas like “Hidden Figures” to high-flying action in “Top Gun: Maverick,” Powell has proven his versatility and talent. As he continues to take on diverse roles, audiences can look forward to seeing more of his captivating performances on the big screen. With each new project, Glen Powell solidifies his place as one of Hollywood’s most promising and versatile actors.

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